Closing out the Month of May with Jack Bauer and Lucas Davenport

It was difficult to say good-bye to Jack Bauer last week.  After all, we’ve been together for eight years (actually nine counting the writer’s strike) - longer than most of my relationships anyway.  I’m not sure how well I’ll weather Monday nights next year – I fear a long, cold, depressing winter without the weekly stress relief of watching Jack pummel someone into confessing something week after week.  I wish we had him on Wall Street.  At least I can look forward to the 24 movies.  I’m hoping they’ll be at least 3 hours?  In retrospect - thoughts on some memories of my years with Jack:

1.  Delivering the guy’s head in the bowling bag
2.  Torturing his douchebag brother
3.  Serving his country after 2 years in a Chinese prison
4.  Serving his country as he’s battling drug addiction
5.  Chopping off Chase’s arm with an ax
6.  Aaron
7.  His addiction to whiny blond women – who get whinier when they are either shot or getting shot at (i.e., Audrey, Kim)
8.  President Palmer (the first one)
9.  Peter Weller
10.  The “Dammit Chloe” drinking game

Stay safe, Jack, until next time…

I was very happy to see the new John Sandford book, Storm Prey, on the Dakota County Library “Lucky U” shelf on Thursday.  I was 100 plus on the reserve list and I thought I’d have to break down and buy it for the holiday weekend.  Memorial Day weekend, great weather and Lucas Davenport – does it get any better than that?

Storm Prey has a lot to do about weather, I mean Weather Karkinnen, Lucas’s wife.  I have tolerated Weather in the past.  I realize she is the mother of Lucas’s children, saved his life (at least once that I recall), has settled him down significantly and all, but she is the ball and chain to our old wild boy, Lucas.  I know now when I’m reading a Prey book that the only chick Lucas will be bedding is his wife.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that fact that Lucas is a standup, faithful, family guy – but the only action of that kind is either going to be by the bad guys in the book or, perhaps, by Virgil Flowers (who does make a regular appearance in Storm Prey – yay!).  But Weather holds her own and I can even picture a mean driving scene in Weather’s Audi that would translate well into film.  Our Lucas is steady, focused and still the guy I want on my local, criminal investigation team.  He just needs to go fishing a little bit more in the next book…and bring Virgil too…

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2 responses to “Closing out the Month of May with Jack Bauer and Lucas Davenport

  1. I love seeing my two men (Jack and Lucas) appear in the same blog post! I admit you have been more loyal to Jack as I stopped watching him a couple seasons ago, but still have fond memories. I actually think Weather is good for Lucas! She’s pretty bad ass herself. As long as Virgil remains single and free I’m happy.

    • rotfl – we can all go fishing. My husband can sit with Weather & have drinks on the dock. We’ll go out in the boat with the guys. We’ll put Virgil between us!

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